Tuesday, April 07, 2009

As promised... some photos

As promised, here are some photos that have been in my camera since January. Below we have Jenelle finger painting with Aunt Nicki. She loves to make a mess.

Speaking of messes, here is Jenelle playing in her room by herself and making a mess with her toys. This is Jenelle's new thing in that she likes to go off to her room to play by herself. My Mom says this is just another step in the development process, when children start to play independently - yay!

This photo was taken back in February after we had given Jenelle a bath.

And of course, we have to have a photo of Jack! Here is Jack after just finishing a Lego Star Wars toy he got for his birthday. We made him follow the instructions and put it together on his own. After a while he said, "Mom, this is a lot like math (his favorite subject.)" He was very proud when he finished it.


Victoria said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Glad to hear that Jack likes Legos. He'll have to see Darrell's Lego City, Hogwarts Catle, and Star Wars models. Keep on Kicking!

Anonymous said...

REALLy enjoyed the photos! Thanks!

Jenelle really matures with each photo you post of her. :)


Fantastagirl said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the kids! I like the one of you and her. I'm guessing Jack can spend hours with his legos. Pan loves his!