Friday, April 10, 2009

Follow Up Appointment

As you can imagine, our Angel Fan hearts are heavy since hearing yesterday's shocking news about the deaths of rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart and two of his friends. All at the hand of a drunk driver driving on a suspended license. Having thought of my own mortality a lot in the last few months, a tragic loss such as this makes you realize life is short. We are hugging the kids just a bit tighter today, and keeping the families, and the Angels in our thoughts and prayers.

With heavy hearts, we drove to UCLA yesterday for a follow up appointment with my oncologist. On Wednesday, I got a disturbing call from UCLA where they were wanting to "confirm my appointment time for chemo." I know my blood work numbers are good, but I didn't think we were starting chemo this soon. As it turned out, my numbers yesterday are still not above normal, so I could not start chemo even if the doctor wanted me to. I reminded Dr. Territo that I want to be well for Jack's First Communion on May 9, so we scheduled the start of my final consolidation round of chemo for May 11.

She said this would give me enough time to recover, and she was concerned with Jenelle having a recent sinus infection. If by chance I get sick now, I can recover fully before the next round. My final chemo will only be two days of infusions, and again with the 2 to 3 weeks for immune system recovery. I asked her about a date to return to work, but as it turns out, after my infusion round, I will be starting chemo pills. She recommended that I not return to work until we get a handle on how I will handle the medication. She said late July or August was more realistic, and that I should consider returning part time at first. It all depends on how well I recover.

Lately I get tired very easy. The doctor said that was very normal. I was concerned that maybe it was something to do with my blood. I asked her if it was too soon to start exercise so I could build back some muscle, and she said it was OK as long as I started very slowly. She recommended short walks with a partner at first. As you can imagine, chemo really takes a toll on the whole body, and at times I'm morning the loss of my old strength.

So everything is going as scheduled, and we are finally in the home stretch. I am very anxious to be my old self again. I realize I am very lucky to have survived this, and am just trying to be patient with everything. Life can be short sometimes, and sometimes we get a second chance to celebrate it. On this Easter weekend, I hope you celebrate your family and friends, and hug your loved ones just a bit tighter.

I'll keep you posted. KCA


Vajana said...

i thought of you when i read about that young pitcher. What a tragic loss. I am so tired of these drunk drivers with suspended (or with NO) licenses destroying the lives of others. I'd have 3 more relatives still alive if it weren't for their recklessness. The laws just need to be stronger for them.

Take care ofyourself, Happy Easter, enjoy your weekend and make those hugs last!

Kami said...

I thought about you, too. So sad...

Have a good weekend. I think about you all the time!

Anonymous said...

I am understanding of losing young local talent. There is too tragedy from death by drunk driving. Our family has felt that loss also.

Thanks for the update on your medical care plan. My prayers are being answered with every mention of that final kick.

Believing in The Resurrection and in your healing, Barbara