Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Photos

Jack having fun dying Easter eggs.

Mommy & Jenelle

Checking out the loot from the Easter Bunny.

Jenelle thinks Jack is a ham.

All dressed up for Easter at Grandma's.

Jenelle hunting Easter eggs.

Jack hunting Easter eggs.

Daddy finds eggs for Jenelle.

Daddy gets Jenelle to hold an egg.

The cousins after the big egg hunt.


Anonymous said...


Also sweet, classic, Americana and reminiscent of my own childhood. Thanks, Kelly!

I don't normally kick eggs but I see one in the top photo....


Army of Mom said...

Awww, that is cute. What a pretty yard to hunt eggs in. Glad you were up for it. Hang in there ...

Coffee Please! said...

Love the Daddy Gets Jenelle to Hold an Egg shot. :)

How ya do doin' Chica? The long road you've been trudging along will be ending soon and the interstate will be opening back up to ya. Keep going sweetie - you are doing so incredibly amazing!!!!!

Fantastagirl said...

Great pictures - love the coloring eggs!