Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update - My entrance was a lot less flashy

Yesterday, after dropping off the kids, Brett and I made our way up the 405 to UCLA in time for my PICC line placement at 9:15. The procedure went a little long, and I made it to my ECHO heart test at 10:40. We arrived at Admissions at 11:30, and told a bed was not available. They suggested waiting in the cafeteria, but Brett and I decided to chance it and take a little longer to walk into Westwood and eat a Chili's. The decision was a smart one because when we returned at 1:30, we were told we were still waiting on a bed. Admissions got our cell and told us to walk around campus.

Brett and I decided to walk into Westwood to see a movie, but everything available started at 4:30. Instead we sat at Starbucks. (My thought here was it was my last chance to enjoy foods they wouldn't allow in the hospital.) We returned to Admissions at 4:00, only to be told the bed still wasn't available and it was looking like 5:00. Around 7:30, I finally got into my room, and as it turns out, I'm in the same exact room I was in last month. My lucky number 11.

We spoke with the doctor once we got into my room and learned my chemo this time will be a smaller dose, based on my last bone marrow biopsy, which was very good. We were told that I'm responding extremely well to treatment. The doctor even said, "your type of cancer is curable." I like that he used the word "curable" instead of "treatable." Unfortunately, they did not have my ECHO results, so we couldn't start chemo last night. As I type this, we are still waiting on the cardiology report and I should start chemo around 2:00.

So that is all for now. Looks like I'm truly KCA! I'll keep you posted.


Becky said...

I can't even tell you how happy I am to read news like this! Way to go, Kelly!

Angela said...

(((Kelly))) I've been thinking of you and am so glad to hear how well you're treatment is working. As always you'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

You are (double) number 1! Woohoo for lucky number 11!

Woohoo for good biopsy results!

Woohoo for curing (kicking) cancer!

(Not apologizing for not including slang words for body parts.)

Have good rest. Have good thoughts. Have good exercise. Have good drugs. Have good doctors. Again.


Sheri said...

Woo Hoo! You go with your bad self. Keep KCA!

CrazyRN said...

I'm sorry you had such a long wait to get a room for this round of KCA, but I'm thankful you & Brett were able to spend some great time together just hanging out.

My thoughts & prayers are always with you.

Meritt said...

YEAH!!!!!! That's the kind of news I was hoping to hear today. Sounds like he is totally optimistic!

Fantastagirl said...

YES! Way to KCA!

I am glad you have such a positive doctor, and that you are doing so awesome! I hope this next round will be a little easier on you! but that it totally knocks that cancer out!

Hugs, Smiles & Prayers.

Joanne said...

That is wonderful news, Kelly!! It is too bad you had to wait so long, but it was nice you had some time alone with Brett while you were still feeling pretty good! We sure hope that the treatment is not as hard on you this time - no rashes allowed!!

We are so happy that you have found such wonderful doctors and treatment - you are going to beat this!!!

We are all thinking of you!
Lots of love, Uncle Jim and Aunt Joanne

Norene said...

What great news that you got the same room.. It must be a sign! Go kick and know we are thinking about you..

Army of Mom said...

Woo hoo on the results. I'm so glad things are looking good for you. That has to ease a bit of the strain of dealing with the crappy treatment to get better. Keep on KCA. Our Texas prayer warriors are lifting you up to the Lord.

Jamie said...

Many prayers are coming your way Kelly. I was a follower at your other blog before it went private, and my son and I played Sunday Six when you were doing it.

You are exceptionally strong and I know you will KCA. My son is quite close in age to Jack, MJ turned 8 on 1-8, and I wanted you to know that I told him about you and Jack and Jenelle and Brett of course, and yesterday was his classes prayer day, and he lit a candle for you and your family.

Stay strong, you are such a fighter. Praying this round goes smoothly and that you are KCA faster than anyone expected. Many prayers will continue to go your way!

Jamie and Matthew

Naomi said...

I haven't blogged for ages but was thinking about you and Jenelle today so decided to catch up on your blog. I was so sad to read about your cancer but glad to read that you're being your usual positive self and you've kept your sense of humour.

Jenelle is looking so grown up in the christmas photos and losing teeth already, where have our babies gone!

I've never had a bad experience at UCLA hospital so I'm sure you're in the right place.

I'm not a religious person so I wont offer prayers, but I'll be thinking of you and your family over the coming months.

Naomi (Callum's mum)