Sunday, August 09, 2009

Just waiting

Well, we think my rash may have been caused by the phlebotomist. It mainly stayed in the crease of my elbow where they had drawn blood. I forgot to tell him that I was allergic to latex, so we're pretty sure that was the culprit. I've been on daily predisone, and the rash is almost all gone. I am to call UCLA on Monday for more instructions and it is possible I will be starting the chemo pills soon.

I have a lot of energy now but am just waiting to see how the new chemo affects me. If I handle it well, I should be back to work very soon. My boss insists I start on a Thursday to give myself a couple of days to catch up, and we all agree I should start part time at first. So life is slowly returning to normal.

Jenelle is doing really well in her new class. In just a few weeks I've already noticed a huge difference in her. She is more patient, and she has a new word - "ba ba". Getting closer to "Da Da" which would thrill Brett to no end. Her school is teaching her to control her tantrums and I've definitely noticed a difference. She is growing up for sure!

Thanks for the continued prayers! I'll keep you posted!


Danielle said...

I am so happy you are in the "pills at home stage" That seems like a good place. Even with hiccups

Army of Mom said...

Good news for sure. I'm so glad to see it. God bless you, Kel. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Prayers answered! And continuing.