Thursday, July 02, 2009

More Baby Proofing Needed...

Well, Jenelle gave us a little scare the other night when she locked herself into the bathroom. Until then, we had been getting by with closing doors to keep Jenelle out of certain places. The beauty of course in that is that Jenelle has learned to "turn" door knobs (and round ones at that!) Brett had to use a screwdriver to take the door knob off the door to get her out. A great milestone for sure, but now we definitely need to up the pace on the baby proofing.

Also, I wanted to share two beautiful candid photos taken of Jenelle and me by our cousin in law, Alain Chapuis at Easter this year. Thank you Alain, these photos are just priceless.

We hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. We are going to take it nice and easy and stay close to home. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Precious beautiful photos!

Ha! Loving Jenelle's new motor skills! Barbara

Army of Mom said...

Those are adorable!! Happy Independence Day!

Kim said...

love those pix...priceless

BC said...

Glad to hear about Jenelle's escapades and not some new thing that you have tracked down. The pictures are beautiful, and so are you and your daughter. Did you get the ones I sent you of the girls? I'm hading back to ATL to babysit the four youngest. Hotlanta, get ready for me!!!

FYI Do you have a tiny little hole on your door knobs? If so, use a toothpick to unlock the door.

God speed,