Friday, December 14, 2007

Spinal Tap & IEP Update

Jenelle is doing really well and we are just waiting to hear from CHOC about a date for her admission for the spinal tap. They called a week ago, and I returned their call, and since then we're playing phone tag. Everything is approved, so at least that is one hurdle out of the way. Hopefully we can get it done soon and before our January 2 appointment with Dr. Chang. I'll let you know soon when we get that date.

Onto other things - I met with Jenelle's teacher and principal on November 29 for her annual IEP. Usually the term IEP strikes fear and anger in many special needs parents. I am fortunate to say that Jenelle's IEPs have always gone very smoothly. I am told however that next year will be an "evaluation" year where Jenelle will be re-evaluated and tested, so we'll see how that goes. Her IEP went extremely well - Jenelle met and exceeded all but two of her goals set from her previous IEP! Her goals include things like "holding an object for 5 seconds or more, 80% of the time" and "sipping from a straw 80% of the time", etc. Because she is doing so well we created a lot of new goals, so the coming year should be exciting. One of her new goals will be to keep her food in her mouth, 80% of the time.

Her teacher also asked if we could start purchasing lunches from the school lunch program. Apparently, Jenelle is eating a lot of mashed up table foods for them, and usually shares a lunch with one of the other students. I'm still in shock that she is eating so well for them. I may try to stop by to watch her eat sometime soon. The school would like to keep Jenelle with her current teacher for another year or more. I assumed she would be moving onto a new class next year, but apparently the classes are not under any age-restriction in this program. They feel Jenelle is best fit where she is - I couldn't agree more! It is such a relief to have such a wonderful "working" relationship with her educators - whatever they are doing, it certainly seems to work!

Both Jenelle and I have been under the weather a bit with sinus infections. When I took her to the doctor, they wanted to give me a prescription for an antibiotic to use later if she got worse, but as we talked her nose began to run and the doctor told me to start that evening. She is well now and hopefully we will all stay that way for the holiday!

And speaking of "Holiday", I haven't updated about Big Brother Jack in a while. While picking up Grandma and Grandpa Curran's Christmas Tree with Cousin Trevor at Peltzer Tree Farm in Irvine a week or so ago, Jack was interviewed by the Irvine News! The clip can be seen on the Internet - just go to this link and click on December 5. A new window will open with a media player - at the bottom click on "Jump to" Peltzer Pines, that way you won't have to sit through 6 minutes of the news cast. Jack is doing great and really looking forward to Christmas.

Irvine News

Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers - I'll keep you posted.

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Brooklyn said...

It is good to hear a positive IEP story, I am so glad you have had a good experience with the school system. I hope that continues!