Monday, June 05, 2006


THANK YOU for your support of the 2006 Epilepsy Freedom Walk! Jenelle’s Avocados has raised $9,100 – not including some checks I still have sitting on my desk and that are some that are still to come via U.S. Mail! In all, the walk raised almost $81,409.42 – they are still counting the money! 100% of the funds will go directly to Orange County services for families like ours affected by Epilepsy! We couldn’t be more pleased, and we thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Here are some photos of the day on Saturday, which was very hot at 95 degrees:

Miss Jenelle in Angels Red!

Our "Rally Monkey" Wagon!

Jenelle's Avocados 2006!

And some exciting milestone news for Jenelle - Saturday she took sips from a sippy cup! We are so excited with this progress - and it will make it much easier to keep her hydrated over the summer with this new skill! This also gives me hope that she may start to enjoy new foods as well. Last night at the grocery store, I had to purchase many different types of juices to get Jenelle interested, and a couple of new sippy cups as well as I think I tossed our old ones!

Thank you again for your support for the Epilepsy Alliance! Jenelle has her swallow study scheduled for June 19, so I'll keep you posted!


Naomi said...

Wow, what a great amount of money to raise! well done to all of you.

Good job on using the sippy cup, Miss Jenelle certainly seems to be reaching lots of milestones this year :-)

Good luck with the swallow study

Buffy said...

What a touching site.....

Anonymous said...

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