Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy 1st Anniversary to Jenelle's "Gas Tank!"

"Ode to the Mic-Key Button"

Oh Mic-key button, we love you so,
because of you, our girl can grow.

Feeding is easy now and meds are too,
Oh the arguments and fights that we went through!

The hospital and ER visits are seldom and few
however did we survivie life without you?

Jenelle a year ago with her "temporary" g-tube:

And 6 weeks later with her permanent Mic-Key Button:

And just for fun, a cute story about showing Jack his sister's G-Tube for the first time:

"When Jack got home on Thursday, I sat down with him and explained that Jenelle had surgery and was now going to have a "feeding tube" sticking out of her belly. After explaining what it was for and what it looked like and that he should never, ever touch it, I asked if he wanted to see it. He said yes, so we went into Jenelle's room where she was in her crib and I pulled up her shirt to show him the tube. Jack looked at the tube, then said, "Mommy, she has a gas tank now!" (he is right in more ways that one!) And that was it - he was relatively un-phased by the whole thing!"

Happy 1st Anniversary Mic-Key Button!


Anonymous said...

The ode is very clever, and the gas tank comment by brother Jack is very cute.


Kelly said...

Isn't it amazing how something as quick as that surgery, and as little as that button can make life sooooo much easier?

Michaela has one too (her one-year was back in March), and it has completely lowered my stress-level in that area. She CAN eat sometimes, but not others, and we never know when that'll be. It's just NICE to know that we can handle the bad days with as much ease as the good days.

And even on the good days....I use it for meds...;)