Monday, October 10, 2005

No news is good news!

Things have been going well with Jenelle these past few weeks, and I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to update which once again goes to show you - "no news is good news!"

On Friday I met with the School District again and we finalized Jenelle's IEP. The whole experience was not pleasant and I now understand why so many parents dread the IEP process. I will not go into too much detail with such a "public" forum but I think we have advocated well for Jenelle (Thanks mainly to my sister and our advocate Janna Moore at the Epilepsy Alliance!) Most of our "issues" were regarding how the actual IEP document was written, and really not in regards to placement or other services. At the meeting on Friday I brought with me three pages of typewritten "changes and corrections" and the District agreed to all but one of my suggested changes. In order to "get the ball rolling" to get the paperwork in place for Jenelle to begin at her new school on October 24, I signed the IEP. We've agreed to meet 30 days after she begins school to address other issues and revise goals if necessary.

In order for Jenelle to begin school on time, she has to have a physical before the 24th! Luckily, our doctor was able to take her in this morning as they are booked through the end of the month, and her 3 year checkup was scheduled for after the 24th. Jenelle is doing great weighing in at 26 pounds 4 ounces (a gain of 4 ounces since our last weigh in) and is 36 inches tall. We had been postponing "live" immunizations for Jenelle in the past because they are known to make neurological problems worse. However, after talking to Dr. Shields last week we both agreed that since Jenelle was going into county program and public school it is best that she get her MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) and Chicken Pox vaccines now. Obviously we know where Jenelle is Neurologically, and her getting those diseases would be ultimately worse than any increased seizures she may experience. So Jenelle got her MMR and Hepatitis Booster this morning as well. Poor baby girl did not like the MMR - she cried when usually she doesn't.

That is all for now! Also to keep you posted, Jenelle's friend Sierra is doing well since her VNS surgery. Her Mom reports noticing that she has been able to stop seizures with the VNS before they get bigger - which is great news! Jenelle's friend Eli is also recovering well from his brain surgery over two weeks ago. Last update from his Dad is that he has had no seizures since the surgery! Great news for both, thanks for the extra prayers and for keeping us in your prayers as well! I'll keep you posted!

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