Monday, October 17, 2005

More seizures as the Angels lose!

As if the Angel's game weren't depressing enough, Jenelle started having lots of seizures last night sometime during the game. These were her "new" seizures in which she flutters her eyes as if downloading information in her brain. At first, my Mother in Law who was watching the game at our house kept commenting on how "tired" Jenelle was acting, then I noticed a patten and realized they were seizures. Normally, this was not a big deal because they were brief; however, at one point Jenelle finally fell asleep on the floor, and about a minute later Brett noticed her hand twitching. I was able to get a video clip of it and then called UCLA to find out what we needed to do. The hand twitching went on well over a minute - almost two. Unlike a long, big continual seizure it seemed she was beginning to cluster a lot so I was concerned. UCLA instructed me to attempt to wake her and if she didn't respond, then to give her Diastat. She woke up without a problem, but still felt to me as if she had some involuntary jerking going on. I called UCLA back and they suggested giving her 1/2 the Diastat dose to see if things stopped. I did, and she settled down a bit, but still had some strange movements. I took some more video clips and emailed Dr. Shields again. After the game as I decided to put her down for the night, I thought she felt hot, so I took her temperature to find out she was running 102. At least with that we have an explanation for the seizures.

Jenelle went to see Dr. Patel this morning (with a fever of 101.4) and she put her on an antibiotic and requested labs. At this point, we are suspecting a urinary tract infection. We went to visit our favorite phlebotomist and it was nice to hear that she thought Jenelle looked much more alert than before (considering Jenelle was actually cranky and very lethargic today.) I always amazes me how people notice the differences in Jenelle when they haven't seen her for a while. She is much improved overall. One poke got the blood we needed, but unfortunately we're still waiting for some urine (that darn bag system!) I may have to drop that off tomorrow morning if we get some! We waited a while, and I fed Jenelle but no luck.
After my appointment with Dr. Patel, UCLA called about the video clips. The hand twitching was definitely a seizure, and is (like we've been saying) new for Jenelle. I believe it is called a "complex partial", and it appears it is coming from one side of the brain (because only one side of Jenelle's body twitches.) Our next appointment with Dr. Shields is in 2 weeks on November 4. Since we know the fever increased her seizures last night, I doubt he'll need to see us before then.

This is Jenelle's last week at her school, and I feel so horrible that she missed a day! Her teachers are already sorry to have such limited time with her. The school will be celebrating her birthday on Wednesday along with a goodbye party! So sad, but yet so happy she is moving on. Jenelle will be three this Saturday, and we are celebrating with a small family party at home. Hopefully she will be well by then.

Please keep us in your prayers, and I'll update as soon as I hear more. Thanks!

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