Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Video of Jenelle taking steps!

The Kids are ready for Little League!

And maybe this time next year, Jenelle will run to 1st base! Finally, this is all I could catch on video of Jenelle taking steps. She was hanging a bit onto the couch. I caught this right before bedtime, so I guess she was a little tired. She's so shy, and yet, such a ham!


Kim said...

OMG Kelly!! Are you kidding me???? I am crapping here! I can't believe how awesome she is doing... oh please bring her to us so she can teach Lily!
I am going to cry, I can't believe how amazing she is doing!

Danielle said...

Rock on, little one! And with no AFO's? People talk about kids being 'determined' but Jenelle really embodies it.

Brooklyn said...

YOU GO Jenelle!!
I am so HAPPY for you....I know I do not even know you guys but seeing her walk puts a smile on my face!!!! YEA!!!!

Special Needs Mama said...

I saw it! I saw it!!!

Ansel's Mama said...

Fantastic! Jenelle's amazing progress continues to give us hope for Ansel!