Monday, February 04, 2008

Just some photos

Not much new to report as our appointment with Dr. Chang is next week. Jenelle is really trying to walk. Today we had a report from daycare that she walked across the room from one couch to the other (very wobbly of course!) Last week she stood up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything! She's such a dare devil! Unfortunately, when I break out the camera to get video, she reverts to crawling. She definitely knows the camera and always wants to inspect it! It's been amazing to watch her do so well. Here are some photos to enjoy!

Here is Jenelle standing straight and tall while watching Daddy on the computer.

Jenelle is so tall, she can reach the phone! Good thing she hasn't mastered dialing yet!

Hope you are having a great week!


Special Needs Mama said...

Great pics!!! Does she have an actual walker she's using?

Danielle said...

Whoa. She is standing up SO straight in that first picture. Wow. Like more straight than I stand. LOL. And her feet are flat on the floor. Is she wearing her AFO's? That pic is amazing!

Anyway, couldn't be happier for her. Give her a squeeze from me!!!!

Brooklyn said...

I LOVE THESE pictures! I also had the same question - is she using any type of walker/gait trainer to assit her? Sounds like she is really wanting to take off. How very exciting (and scary) for you!! Keep us posted and we ALWAYS love pictures!