Thursday, June 21, 2007

Days like this...

I read this post of Bennie's yesterday and was so moved by its accuracy of the every day lives we live as parents of special needs kids. I thought of it last night and again this morning as I mixed Jenelle's drugs with my pestle. If you haven't read this, you really should! Click here.

Thanks Bennie for capturing what we all feel on so many occasions!

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Ben & Bennie said...

You are too kind Kelly. I think many people don't really understand how raising an exceptional child impacts the daily life of those families. As you know very well, it's not a "feel sorry for us" type of expression. It is more important to educate folks about our daily routine.

We cannot simply plan our weeks or even days without having the flexibility to change things at the spur of the moment. Many of our friends still don't understand that fact and can become quite miffed at us bowing out of activities at the last minute.