Thursday, January 26, 2006

Update on Jenelle's friend Lily

From time to time many of you often ask me about Lily. I stole the photo above from Lily's website - it is Lily and her little sister Andi with Santa. This photo totally warms my heart.

When I look back at the difficult year we had with Jenelle last year, our struggles in no way compare to the difficult year Lily's family had with her. Next Tuesday will be the first anniversary of Lily's brain surgery - a surgery that did little to stop Lily's big seizures. Proving once again that Epilepsy is a monster and that is does horrible things to our children.

Like Jenelle, Lily was enjoying a brief period without seizures due to starting a new drug Vigabatrin. Unfortunately, shortly before Christmas, Lily's seizures returned with a vengeance. I always compare Jenelle and Lily because they look like they could be sisters. With the return of her seizures, it just reminds me that Epilepsy is a very real thing, and our respite right now from seizures could end at any moment. I am always impressed and amazed at Lily's parents - how they are so strong, but I guess I'm strong too, and it is something you just have to be for your child.

Lily's mom Kim posted an update yesterday on her personal blog about the upcoming anniversary of Lily's brain surgery. It was so touching, and I could feel every emotion right along with her. I thought I'd link to it here and share it with all of you as well.

Please keep Lily and Jenelle in your prayers. These little girls deserve so much in life. Thanks!

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Kyra said...

you are always in my prayers, but I'll say a couple of extra ones today for both of the beauties!