Sunday, January 22, 2006

Some photos in the grass...

Some photos from our weekend - Jenelle enjoying (?) the grass.

Tiny feet!

Sitting up so pretty!

Sun Bathing Beauty!

Trying to keep those feet off the grass.

Almost sitting up!

Tummy crunches are the best way to keep your feet off the grass!

Jenelle & her Mommy riding in her new wagon from Santa!


Danielle said...

Oh Kelly, these are so great. I just LOVE the one at the top. Very good picture! And I think Jenelle is sitting up even better in these pics than the one you posted earlier. Yay little momma! What a super sitter!

Kyra said...

she gives new meaning to "pretty in pink." but then again, with such a beautiful mommy, who could expect any less?

JD's Rose said...

She really is beautiful...