Tuesday, October 22, 2013

11 Years Old!

I know this is going to be a fantastic year for our Jenelle; after all, 11 is my lucky number so it has to be hers as well!  Wow, 11 years old!  8 years ago, I could never possibly imagine this day, yet here we are.

So, what's new for our girl?  Well, since our infamous ambulance ride to CHOC in early September for the 35+ minute seizure, we've still been battling too many cluster seizures (absence seizures).  So much so, Dr. Shield's Head Nurse Sue has decided to see us before our scheduled appointment in late December.  We will travel to UCLA on Thursday for that follow up.  As of now, Jenelle is completely off Felbatol, and on a fairly strong dose of Onfi at 15mg twice a day.  Since that status seizure in early September, we've used Diastat twice more, which is 3 times too many in the last 6 weeks!

THANK YOU to all who made donations towards Jenelle's goal for the CHOC Walk.  We woke up early last weekend and walked a 3K through the park... however, the best part of the walk was when Jenelle got excited to ride the tram... her favorite ride at Disneyland.  In all, she raised $685, and our team raised almost $2,000!  It was a wonderful day - here is a photo of our team:

Team Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth at 6:15 AM! 

On Sunday the 20th, we celebrated Jenelle's early birthday with family.  We had tacos... Jenelle's favorite... and an ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery!  It was a perfect!  Here are some photos for you to enjoy! 

Mommy & Jenelle

Jenelle & Daddy

Aunt Shelly holding Jenelle as we sang Happy Birthday

Oreo Overload Birthday Cake!

All the cousins - Anthony, Trevor, Aiden, Jack, Kiersten, Aunt Shelly and Jenelle

Thank you all for the love and prayers all these years.  I'll update again after our visit to UCLA. 

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