Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waiting... on insurance

Just a quick update.  Jenelle has not started the new medication yet.  We are waiting for "insurance approval" but should get approved soon.  Given this new drug wasn't FDA approved until this year, this delay wasn't too surprising.

Monday, Jenelle will be seeing a new pediatrician (or new to us).  Dr. Sangeeta Patel who was Jenelle's doctor since birth stopped taking Cal-Optima (MediCal) and with a lot of Jenelle's medical needs like diapers and wheelchairs, etc. only being covered by MediCal, we were forced to switch to another doctor who is taking Cal-Optima/MediCal.  The appointment is to check on her scoliosis, but obviously we'll be introducing ourselves to a whole new medical team.  We are still in the same "medical group" HMO wise, so all of her existing authorizations to specialists like Dr. Idries and Dr. Shields will remain in place.  Ah the bliss you find in jumping through the hoops of the health care industry.

In January, I told you about my own personal issue with my being borderline Diabetic.  I had labs done in December that had my triglycerides up way too high.  I told my doctor to give me time to get on a diet and try to fix it on my own rather than start medication.  I did really well at first with a change in diet - I lost 10 pounds and felt better.  Then Easter came around and I cheated by eating candy and simply fell off the wagon.  Worse, I gained all the weight back! Unfortunately, my recent follow up lab work showed the triglycerides had INCREASED (from 290 to 380!)  I met with my doctor this morning and she laid down the law - lose 30 pounds, exercise and NO CARBS. 

As I left her office, I threw away the left over pizza I brought for lunch and went to Gelson's by my office and purchased a Turkey Spinach Pinwheel.  I will change my diet for the better, I will lose the weight and I will not need Diabetes medication!  This is my mantra!  I see my doctor again in 3 months.

That is all for now - I'll keep you posted.


Timestep said...

I know it's frustrating waiting, but I suspect that it's better than not having MediCal to help with all of Jenelle's bills.

I hope you like the new ped.

As for you, I have a hard time thinking that you could have 30 lbs to lose. I hope you are able to control this with diet alone.

Barbara @therextras said...

Thanks so much for the update, dear, Kelly.

I'll be thinking of you & taking some inspiration from your commitment to lifestyle change.

Scoliosis brings a whole new host of issues. Your clear thinking on medical insurance is helpful to readers. Hoping you will continue to share Jenelle's story.

Anonymous said...

I did well on Weight Watchers and we had WW at work which made meetings very easy during the lunch hour. I couldn't imagine a life without carbs - impossible. Good luck and you can do it.