Tuesday, February 09, 2010

An update for Poppa George

My Father (Poppa George) tells me that each morning, he logs onto his computer and this website is the first thing he checks. On Monday, he told me that it had been too long since my last update. Sorry Dad, this one is for you! ;)

I had been waiting to post an update hoping to share news that Jenelle had lost one of her two front teeth (which has been wiggly for a while) but alas, that darn tooth is stubborn and hasn't fallen out yet. Any day now. Unfortunately, the wiggly tooth has agitated some seizures out of Jenelle. She has had an increase in seizures lately which I hope will subside once the tooth comes out. Let's hope!

Last Sunday, the family went to Jack's school for Open House. Two days earlier, his school celebrated "Special Person's Day" and Jack choose me as his "special person". My heart just melted when he asked me. The day included a special prayer service, a craft and a tour of his classroom. Since I had already seen everything on display in Jack's class, I let Brett take the tour with Jack while I distracted Jenelle. I took Jenelle to the white board and started writing the letters in her name on the board while she watched. As I did this, Jenelle reached out and put her hand over mine as if to write her name "hand over hand". A few days later, I asked her teacher if this is something they did in school and she said "all the time!" It's so fun to see Jenelle do things in everyday life that she learned in school.

The family is getting into gear for baseball season. Brett is managing Jack's team again this year and coaching for Jenelle. And just as basketball was about to end, Jack was selected for All Stars, so it looks that we will have a few more weeks of that as well. We are so proud of Jack.

I had a follow up at UCLA today, and am still cancer free. In two weeks I will start my Vitamin A regimen again for 15 days (ATRA, my 3rd chemo medication that I take every 3 months). My blood work was good and the doctor thinks my recent fatigue is from over doing it a bit. One step forward, one step back.
Other than that, things are good!

That is all for now. Thank you for the continued prayers! Love ya Dad! ;)

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JEROME said...

Dear Kelly just happened to come across your blog. My hopes and prayers to you and your lovely family.... I have a wonderful wife, a 4 year old girl and 1 year old boy... Jerome Lew from La Habra CA.