Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday photos!

Today, being my birthday, is the official end to the Curran Family Holidays. So far, 40 has been fantastic and I am so thankful for all that I have been blessed with in my life.
Here are some photos to share with you of our holiday season. Enjoy!

In the beginning of December, we took some time to help Aunt Nicki with her Christmas lights. Here is a photo of her dog Copper looking out anxiously as Brett and Jack decorated her house.

Next, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Currans to help decorate their Christmas tree. Here is Jenelle with some special one on one time with Grandpa and Grandma.

In the middle of the month, we celebrated an "early" Christmas with my parents. Here are Nana and Poppa George with Jenelle.

Here is Jenelle looking very cute at the White Elephant Christmas Gift party we have every year with family. My parents participated this year for the first time, and we think it will be a regular thing!

After the White Elephant Party, we took some time to take Nana and Poppa out to see Christmas lights. Here is Poppa George checking out Santa's saxophone.

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated mass at Holy Family Cathedral Church where Jack goes to school. Like I mentioned previously, Jenelle thrilled our fellow parishioners by walking to the altar for communion. It was a beautiful evening.

And after mass and dinner with Brett's Brother Brad and his family, we had our usual "Christmas Jammie" photos. I sure do hope the kids don't grow out of this tradition soon. Here they are in their new Christmas Jammies.

Jack, Jenelle and Daddy

Daddy, Mommy & Jenelle

Jack, Mommy & Jenelle

Kids already ready for bed and wanting to sleep under the tree.

In the evening on Christmas, we celebrated Christmas dinner at the Curran house. Here I am with Jenelle. I am wearing her Angels bow she got as a gift from the Steinkers.

And onto the New Year and Jack's birthday. This year, Aunt Nicki, Jenelle and I took a trip to Pasadena to view the floats. They were beautiful, but it was crowded and not wheelchair friendly. Definitely something to do once in your life, but we may not return again - or at least not with Jenelle.
The Anaheim Angels Float.

The Crowds

Nicki & Jenelle on the shuttle bus. Jenelle sitting like a big girl.

The next day we had a small football party for Jack's birthday. Here is is with his friends.

Here is our new 9 year old.

Last night, with the help of some wonderful friends, Brett threw a party for my 40th birthday.

It was a blast, and we all had a fantastic time - we were up until 2:30 a.m.

We caused so much trouble, a shirtless police officer had to break up the fun.

Oh well, you only turn 40 once, right?

We hope you had just as much fun during your holidays, and in the New Year.

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Anonymous said...

Shocking, Kelly, shocking! hehe!

Jenelle and Jack look great!

Well, you and Brett do, too!