Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Latest update & Freedom Walk 2008!

I've been meaning to send out an update on Jenelle, but have been waiting to hear from UCLA with a date for our MRI/MR Spectroscopy. The good news is that procedure has been approved by insurance - unfortunately the UCLA radiology department is having some difficulty getting the order from Dr. Shields' office. Hopefully, (and now that I've posted this) we will have a date soon and I will keep you posted!

Jenelle is just amazing us with her walking these days. She can now walk from the front door at daycare to the car - meaning no more lifting for me! YAY! We had a small accident the night before Easter when Jenelle walked up to the stove and put her hand on the pot of boiling Easter Eggs! Ouch! Luckily, it was a minor burn and she was OK. Knowing it could have been so much worse, we've now installed a gate blocking her from the kitchen. (We never needed gates during Jack's toddler days, so this is new to us!) Jenelle pretty much wants to walk everywhere, and at her 4th Challenger Baseball game this past weekend, she successfully walked all the way to 1st base! Her Buddy was very proud! I'll try to get some more video when I can.

In other exciting news - the 2008 Epilepsy Freedom Walk benefiting the Epilepsy Alliance of Orange County is coming up on Saturday May 3, 2008 at Heritage Park in Irvine, CA. Because of our involvement with Jenelle's Challenger Baseball Little League Team, Brett and I knew a while ago that we were going to have a scheduling conflict this year. With me as Team Mom and with Brett coaching and with Jenelle having a game at the exact same time at the walk, we decided that we just can't "physically" be at the Freedom Walk this year. Instead, we've started a "virtual" team and we hope you can help them out with a donation in honor of Jenelle's Avocados.

This was a really hard choice for us to make this year, especially now that Jenelle could actually be "walking" in the Freedom Walk for the first time this year! We hope we can count on your donation!

The Freedom Walk is the biggest fundraiser for the Epilepsy Alliance, raising much needed funds for epilepsy programs in Orange County. More than 10,000 children are affected by epilepsy in Orange County. Please help and sponsor our virtual Avocado team this year or attend if you can!

Click here to find Jenelle's Avocados to make your donation.

Thank you for the continuous thought and prayers. I'll keep you posted!

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