Thursday, August 31, 2006

Big Brother Jack goes to Kindergarten!

Big Brother Jack started Kindergarten this morning! This may be the first morning we didn't have a problem telling Jack to get up and get dressed. As you can see, he was thrilled!

Brett, Jack & Mom at Jack's new desk. Two kids from summer camp were in his class, so he was very excited to see his old friends.

Here is Jack posing next to the new paint in his room. I think he may be right... It looks a lot like "Dodger Blue!" Yikes!

And of course Little Sister Jenelle is always looking very cute!

I know all of you "organization freaks" will love this... My idea to help Jack know what to wear each day of the week! Pretty organized, huh?

Jenelle is doing well but keeps falling out of bed! I really need to get going on that request for the Sleep Safe Bed! Argh!


Danielle said...

I love Jack's closet!!! I think you will like the Sleep Safe bed. I have worked with 3 kids who have them. They are BIG though, just FYI. Lastly, am I crazy or is there a new CN board? How can I find it?

Professor said...

I looked into those Sleep Safe Beds. Wow! It's a lot of work to get the insurance to cover it, isn't it? But I know you'll manage it. And congratulations Jack!!