Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Update from our little Sick Ward!

WOW! As you know from the last post, last Thursday Jenelle woke up vomiting with a fever of 102.9. It was the beginning of what we are now calling the "Curran Family Sick Ward" week! Before I knew it, and before I could update anyone about her, Jack got sick, I got sick and Brett, who already had a cold, got sicker. The last six days have been awful for us all - Brett still remains home today with a slight fever of just over 100. I know that some of you were concerned that we were in the hospital... Believe me, I would have found a way to post that if it had been the case! Always remember the rule of thumb here is "no news is always good news!"

So, the good news is that we were able once again to avoid the ER and hospital for Jenelle due to her G-Tube! Also, I am very happy to report that during the time when she had an extremely high fever and had vomited most of her seizure meds, we didn't really see an increase in seizures! Remember even a slight fever of 100.8 will usually set off her seizures! As it turns out, the kids had Strep Throat, and on top of Strep Throat, Jenelle had stomach flu. Both Jack and Brett got Strep Throat and nothing more, I ended up with both bugs! I guess that's just Jenelle's way of showing extra love for her Mommy!

In other news, Jenelle continues to do well with sitting up, and is now getting up on all fours in the true crawling position, but she doesn't get very far as she can't seem to lift her head off the floor. She looks very cute doing it though. Also, on the Topamax wean - we are down to the last 25mg a day! I noticed that when we started the wean again after our trip her seizures increased again, so I kept an eye on it and didn't lower the dose again until we had two days with better seizure control. If all continues to go well, she will be completely off Topamax by Easter!

That is all I have to report right now! I am attaching some new photos of Jenelle taken on Saturday where she is sitting up completely on her bottom! Unfortunately, she was still feeling sick, so she doesn't look very happy. And yes, her curly hair is just a mess of curls, but oh so cute!

Thanks for the continued prayers and positive thoughts - I'll keep you posted!


Cathy said...

Kelly!! What a beautiful sight to see that gorgeous girl of yours sitting up like that. I'm sorry you've all been so sick. Jenelle looks like an angel anyway though. Love those curls!

I know I've been so out of touch for a while ~ I'll try to be better about that. But I do appreciate SO much getting updates on Jenelle. Especially ones that have such positive (aside from the yuckies) news.

Delta love - Cathy West

Mete said...

Despite the sickness, it sounds like things are going great with Jenelle. Hoping you all feel better soon!

Naomi said...

So sorry to hear that Jenelle (and the rest of you) has been been sick. But OMG she looks wonderful in those pictures! She has such a nice straight back and those curls are gorgeous. Sounsd like crawling is really close as well, which is wonderful.

Sheri & SuZan said...

That is just the worst...everyone in the house sick. I hope ya'll get better soon.

Jenelle looks great sitting on the floor independently....woot woot!

Kathryn said...

Wow- you guys have been through the ringer. We have a rule that not everyone can get sick at once and broke that a month ago. So much for rules.

This is my first visit to your blog and I have to say Jenelle is beautiful! What a sweetie! I am looking forward to reading more of your story over the next few days.

Great sitting and head control!

I hope you are all fully recovered!

Winifred said...

God shes really adorable,but seeing Jenelles pictures, i have to tell you this my daughter looks this normal but at 18months she barely hold her neck with diagnosed infantile spasm,i see Jenelle in a different ligth, shes just going to get up and do just what shes expected of her age all you have to do is confess it with your mouth and believe because what i see is a very normal child its well with you Kelly,God would give you all the strength you need.