Monday, June 13, 2005

A quiet weekend for once...

Well, we made it through a weekend without a trip to the ER (knock on wood!) The only casualty this weekend was our television as it decided to break early Sunday morning as I was putting in a DVD for Jack. If you want the full blown details on how the TV died, just ask Jack - his recount of the story is hysterical and includes some spectacular sound effects!

Many of you have told me you get worried when there are no updates, and then you worry also when there are too many updates! I just can't please everyone can I? I must admit, a lack of emails can be concerning if we are in the hospital, but if Jenelle is doing well it usually means we are relaxing and enjoying the down time! I wish we could all be at ease with Jenelle's stability, but as we know with Jenelle, she likes to surprise us from time to time. So, no news "usually" means good news - unless of course we're in the hospital, which would be bad news! See - no way to please everyone! That said, onto the details of this update…

Jenelle is going in for surgery this Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. for the placement of her G-Tube. Honestly I have very mixed emotions about this procedure. I realize the benefit of it and the need, but yet feel it is a step back. Jenelle will stay overnight for observation, and for a reflux study. Hopefully this will be our shortest stay at CHOC this year. Last week, Jenelle was eating well (which made me question the need for the tube) however over the weekend she decided to stop eating again. She is so skinny right now, Brett and I fear we might break a bone if we life her too tightly. So, it will be a good thing to get the tube, and will definitely take the stress out of meal time (and hopefully save some tears for both Mommy & Jenelle as mealtime often leads to tears these days.)

Jenelle is still laughing and smiling from time to time - that has been a true delight! She is also "scooting" around quite a bit and sometimes I'll put her in front of the TV, to find her 5 minutes later in the kitchen (a length of about 10 feet). I hope she continues to "scoot" after the G-tube is in place. Unfortunately, she still cries inconsolably at times, and we still do not know the cause. The GI doctor has approval for a colonoscopy, but wanted it done prior to the G-tube placement (which means we'd have missed work all week!) We decided to wait to see if it is necessary after her hospital stay this Wednesday.

So, please keep us in your special prayers for Wednesday - that surgery is uneventful! I'll try to update when I can.

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