Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas comes early!

Christmas has come early for the Curran Family… and it came in the way of giggles, looks, hints of smiles and fewer seizures! Jenelle is doing really well on the Felbatol, and I'm hoping she remains "side effect" free. Her blood draw went well with only one poke, however Jenelle didn't stop crying for at least a half hour after. I had her blood done just prior to the lab closing for lunch, and once Jenelle started crying, the phlebotomist told me to "take as much time as she needed" to calm her down. About 20 minutes later, the same phlebotomist came to me and was embarrassed to say, "I'm sorry, we have to ask you to leave now so we can lock up for lunch!" They felt horrible as I had to walk out with Jenelle still crying hysterically. By the time we hit the car, she had cried herself to sleep. As heart breaking as this sounds, I see it as an encouraging sign that Jenelle is becoming more aware of things, and her reactions are more age appropriate!

In the last week, we've noticed that Jenelle is really starting to "look" at things, especially at the person who calls her name. We are seeing hints of a smile, and last night I got some giggles as I played with her before bedtime! Today, her teacher told me that during "circle time" they sang "Old McDonald", and Jenelle repeated the "E-I-E-I-O" part! The teacher asked the assistant who said it and they were all amazed that it was Jenelle! Her Christmas Pageant was adorable, but her costume was quite hot. After the program, Jack told Jenelle that "she did a great job!" At times during the songs, it seemed almost as if Jenelle was really trying to sing!

So lots of "good" news to report for a change - like I said, Christmas has come early! We wish you all the best during the coming days, and thank you again for your continued prayers for Jenelle! As promised, here are some photos…

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