Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I keep saying, it is the luck of the Irish. We got an appointment at UCLA for this Thursday, March 18. When I first called, the only available appointment was August 2 - 6 months away! I called back again to listen to the voicemail for the Neurology Department (it had a bunch of phone numbers I wanted to write down) and got a real person instead! By luck, they had an opening for Thursday!

Dr. Shields is very straight forward, and we recall last time he didn't hold anything back. We're anxious to hear his ideas, but also hesitant as we're pretty sure some of the news might be tough. I'll try to update when I can.

As for some good news, Jenelle has not had any noticeable seizures since starting the Klonopin. I've seen a couple of small jerks that look like her quick seizures, but nothing longer than a few seconds. She laughs a lot more and smiles more frequently, but is having bouts of insomnia, and Brett and I are recovering from a 4:00am wake up call this morning - yawn!

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