Monday, October 27, 2003

Since coming home from the hospital, Jenelle is doing so much better and is back to her old self - laughing, smiling, cooing and rolling all over the place. Its such a wonderful change from the very lethargic baby we had over a week ago!

The weaning process is complete and Jenelle had her last shot of ACTH on this day! It will take another week or so for her immune system to be replenished so that she can return to daycare. As of last Friday, we hadn't started any new drugs because Dr. Phillips wanted to give the B6 more time to work. We were excited up until last night as Jenelle hadn't had a seizure all weekend... unfortunately, she had 4 at dinner on Sunday night, and had 3 this morning at breakfast. I emailed Dr. Phillips today to give him her status, and he sent an email with instructions to start Vigabatrin! Vigabatrin is in "crushed pill form", so she'll get it with her food or bottle.

Jenelle's first birthday was last Wednesday, and we had a small pizza dinner with ice cream cake to celebrate. Jenelle had her very own ice cream cake (from Cold Stone Creamery) and absolutely loved it... until an hour later when the dairy upset her tummy. Oh no, Mommy overdosed her on dairy! She cried for nearly an hour, but after a dose of Zantac, she was fine! We are all doing well and its nice to get back to somewhat normal. We are hoping and praying that the Vigabatrin is the drug for Jenelle.

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